Southside Monument invites you to work with our design artist to create meaningful memorial monuments to commemorate your special loved ones with the respect and care they so richly deserve. 

Cemetery Monuments

Cemetery Monuments

For more than 50 years, we have created and designed cemetery monuments in Augusta GA and surrounding areas for countless families following the passing of their loved ones.  Our experienced memorial counselors understand the grief families experience and are here to assist in the process of selecting memorial monuments representing you and your loved one’s life together.  The memory of a loved one deserves lasting beauty with a personal touch in their remembrance.

Quality Service for Cemetery Monuments

Many families represent generations in trusting Southside for our compassion, as well as our understanding andCemetery Monuments courteous service when selecting cemetery monuments.  Nothing less is deserved than exceptional design, incomparable service and trustworthy craftsmanship for your family.

Call (706) 798-2746 today for a consultation in selecting the perfect type of memorial or monument for your needs.  Whether you are looking for granite, marble or bronze plaques for cemeteries, civic or commercial organizations, Southside Monument in Augusta GA will assist you with your needs.

Selection of Memorial Monuments

With a selection of standard monuments to choose from, wide variety of different colored granites and distinct styles of monuments, the possibilities in creating a unique memorial are endless.  If you are looking for crosses, distinctive styles of memorial monuments or plaques, we will custom build to your specifications.

Visit Southside Monument in Augusta GA where memories last a lifetime!